2015 MotoGP Red Bull Grand Prix of the Americas

By April 25, 2015MotoGP

This was my first opportunity to attend MotoGP. This is the first weekend that it hasn’t conflicted with the MS150, which I’ve participated in the past couple of years. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint. From the dog on the track Friday to the Marc Marquez qualifying drama, the weekend was full of excitement.

I’m amazed by the sheer coordination of the drivers and the physics involved. Watching these guys through turns 3, 4 and 5 was incredible. I’m not sure how they get around the track without falling over.

All the images were shot with the new Sigma 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM ( S ) Lens for Canon Cameras, which I rented for the weekend. It’s not as sharp as the Canon 300mm 2.8, but I loved the flexibility of shooting from 150mm to 600mm. And at $2,000 it’s really a steal. Yes, I know $2,000 is a lot of money, but most professional sport lenses start three times that amount.

I attended as a spectator, so all my images were shot with a general admission ticket (excluding the one’s from the tower). Many were shot through two fences, so there are great photos to be made at the Circuit of the Americas. I always smile when someone complains to me that they can’t get a great shot at COTA. It helps to be carrying a lens that can shoot 600mm, but there are a lot of great pictures, even with a general admission ticket.


IMG_1849IMG_3079-EditIMG_1989-EditIMG_2422 IMG_3025-2IMG_2028-Edit IMG_1917-EditIMG_2220 IMG_2228-Edit IMG_2707 IMG_3098IMG_3912 IMG_3941 IMG_3923 IMG_4437-EditIMG_2598-EditIMG_2426-EditIMG_3612-EditIMG_4231IMG_2429-EditIMG_3514IMG_3854-EditIMG_3331IMG_3181 IMG_3812-Edit IMG_3492 IMG_2816 IMG_4298IMG_4366-EditIMG_4168IMG_4116IMG_3677IMG_4377-EditIMG_4095IMG_4010IMG_3168IMG_3448IMG_2977IMG_2337-EditIMG_2178IMG_2855-EditIMG_3710IMG_4367IMG_3635-EditIMG_3200



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